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Neal N. Xiong

He received his both PhD degrees in Wuhan University (2007, about sensor system engineering), and Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (2008, about dependable communication networks), respectively Associate Professor (5rd year) at Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Northeastern State University, OK, USA.

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The International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication (ISSN: 2321-8169) is published by the Research Department, Auricle Global Society of Education and Research. The Editors of the Journal are members of the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering. The Editorial Board consists of many renowned computer science researchers from all over the world.

The first issue of the Journal was published in 2013. Currently, the Journal is published monthly, with the main goal to create a forum for exchanging research experience for scientists specialized in different fields of computer science and communication.

Original papers are sought concerning theoretical and applied computer science and communication engineering problems. Example areas of interest to the journal (but not restricted to) are: theoretical aspects of computer science, pattern recognition and processing, evolutionary algorithms, neural networks, database systems, knowledge engineering, automatic reasoning, computer networks management, distributed and grid systems, multi-agent systems, multimedia systems and computer graphics, natural language processing, soft-computing, embedded systems, adaptive algorithms, simulation.

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Vol. 11 No. 10 (2023): (Articles in Press)

Published: 2023-11-02

Brain Tumor Detection and Multi Classification Using GNB-Based Machine Learning Approach

Satish N. Gujar, Jaimala Jha, Sanjaykumar P. Pingat, Rashmi Pandey, Atul Kumar, Ashish Gupta, Priya Pise

08 - 16

Precision Gas Leakage Detection System with Integrated Sensors

Vishnu Sakthi D, Karthikeyan A, Deanbeemarao B, Sharath Kumar S, Tharun Y, Vishal D

39 - 43

Yolov5 AI Deep Learning model driven Nuclear Pleomorphism Grading on Breast Cancer Pathology WSI for Nottingham Cancer Grading

AI Driven Nuclear Pleomorphism Grading on Breast Cancer Pathology WSI

Rajasekaran Subramanian, R.Devika Rubi, Rohit Tapadia, Archana Somani, Veera Venkata Rama Krishna Rao Ponugoti, Laxmi Kanth Reddy Kondam

61 - 65

Image Enhancement of Colon Cancer Images using a Two-Stage Hybrid Approach of TV and Shift-Invariant Filtering

Jitendra Prakash Patil, Tushar H Jaware, Ravindra D Badgujar, Mahesh B Dembrani

66 - 76

Improving Kidney Tumor Detection Accuracy Using Hybrid U-Net Segmentation

Anupkumar B Jayswal, Mahesh B Dembrani, Tushar H Jaware

77 - 82

An Intensive Spectrum for Intention Mining Analysis

Varsha D. Jadhav, Dhananjay R. Dolas, Nakul Sharma, Amar Buchade, Mandar Diwakar

83 - 90

Prediction and Distribution of Disease Using Hybrid Clustering Algorithm in Big Data

Vinston Raja R, Deepak Kumar A, Prabu Sankar N, Senthamilarasi N, Chenni Kumaran J

91 - 98

The Analysis of Data Tampering and Forensics in a Cloud Environment

Vibha Upadhya, A.A. Bhusari, Zaid Ibrahim Shaikh, Arshia AH Tamboli

99 - 103

Deep Learning-Based Speech Emotion Recognition Using Librosa

D. Lakshmi, R. Vijay, R. Thalapathi Rajasekaran, A. Vani Lavanya, R. Bhavani

110 - 118

A SIW Based Leaky Wave Antenna for Aerospace Applications in X Band

Ramandeep Kaur, Harjinder Singh,  Manvinder Sharma

130 - 134

Image Retrieval Using Auto Encoding Features In Deep Learning

Syed Qamrul Kazmi, Munindra Kumar Singh, Saurabh Pal

155 - 171

Deep Learning Perspectives on Efficient Image Matching in Natural Image Databases

Mirzanur Rahman, D Palanikkumar, Dankan Gowda V, P Ramesh Naidu, Parismita Sarma, Vaishali N. Agme

172 - 184

Enhancing Cardiovascular Disease Prediction Based on AI and IoT Concepts

Debasish Swapnesh Kumar Nayak, Amrutanshu Panigrahi, Abhilash Pati, Bhimasen Moharana, Adyasha Rath, Ghanashyam Sahoo, Manoranjan Dash

218 - 228

New Era of Micro Cipher Algorithm (MCA) : Cipher Text for any Length of Plaintext

Ummadi Thirupalu, A. Rajasekhar Reddy, P. Chandrakanth

241 - 246

Enhancing the Efficiency and Reliability of a Standalone Solar Energy System for Homes in Iraq

Adil Hasan Mahmood, Yousif Al Mashhadany, Sameer Algburi, Mustafa Mohammed, Firas Fadhil Salih, Fatma Ben Salem

247 - 256

A State-of-the-Art Survey for IoT Security and Energy Management based on Hashing Algorithms

Teba Mohammed Ghazi Sami, Subhi R. M. Zeebaree, Sarkar Hasan Ahmed

257 - 267

Study on Smart Designed Power Monitoring System Using IoT Devices

Noor Nateq Alfaisaly, Suhad Qasim Naeem, Eman K. Jassim, Adnan Ali Abdullah

268 - 276

Sentence Semantic Similarity based Complex Network approach for Word Sense Disambiguation

Gopal Mohadikar, Sonu Khapekar, M. K. Kodmelwar, Supriya Bhosale, Sopan Bapu Kshirsagar, Ganesh Chandrabhan Shelke

286 - 293

Cotton Plants Diseases Detection Using CNN

Nilesh N. Thorat, Mayuresh Gulame, Aarti P. Pimplkar, Nilesh P. Sable, Pramod B. Dhamdhere, Nilesh Kulal

294 - 299

Optimizing Cloud Computing Applications with a Data Center Load Balancing Algorithm

Nidhi Ranjan, Balasaheb Balkhande, Sanjivani Deokar, Torana Kamble, Chaitrali Chaudhari, Shrinivas T. Shirkande

320 - 331

Unicode-driven Deep Learning Handwritten Telugu-to-English Character Recognition and Translation System

BV Subba Rao, Katta Subba Rao, Venkata Nagaraju Thatha, Bandi Vamsi, J. Nageswara Rao, Rajendra Kumar Ganiya

344 - 359

Enhancing Intrusion Detection Systems with a Hybrid Deep Learning Model and Optimized Feature Composition

Dilip Motwani, Vidya Chitre, Varsha Bhosale, Sonaali Borkar, D. K. Chitre

369 - 380

Multi Factor Authentication and IP Address Restriction based Question Paper Delivery System for Indian Universities

Chaitali Shewale, Sandeep Kadam, Priya Shelke, Rupesh Patil, Suruchi Dedgaonkar, Abhijit Banubakode

390 - 396

A Lightweight Deep Learning Model for The Early Detection of Epilepsy

Saranya, D. Karthika Renuka, M. Sivakumar, L. Ashok Kumar

397 - 405

BQL-DRS: A Novel Balanced Q-Learning Based Demand Response System for IoT based Smart Grids

N.S. Gowri Ganesh, Dr. Helina Rajini Suresh, M. Bharathi, Jeneetha Jebanazer J, S. Deepa, S Sankar

431 - 437

Comparison of Different Machine Learning and Self-Learning Methods for Predicting Obesity on Generalized and Gender-Segregated Data

Khushi Joshi, Neha Aher, Soha Arora, Varnika Mulay, Renuka Suryawanshi, Nitin Pise, Vitthal Gutte

464 - 471

A New Way for Face Sketch Construction and Detection Using Deep CNN

Sonali Antad, Vipul Bag, Megha Kadam, Atharva Agrawal, Prem Baravkar, Om Belorkar, Shrutika Nandurkar

472 - 480

A Machine Learning Pipeline and Application for Automatic Classification of Clinical Documents

G Uday Kiran, Sneha Raga Soujanya, M Mounika, Narasimha Chary CH

481 - 490

Investigation of Image Enhancement Techniques for Advancing Colon Cancer Diagnosis

Jitendra Prakash Patil, Tushar H Jaware, Ravindra D Badgujar, Rashmi Saini

507 - 515

Hast Mudra: Hand Sign Gesture Recognition Using LSTM

Riddhi Mirajkar, Pravin Futane, Priya Shelke, Onkar Parihar, Ujwal Gawali, Sahil Badgujar, Rohit Patil

516 - 520

An Enhanced Query Optimization Implemented in Hadoop using Bio-Inspired Algorithm with HDFS Technique

Abhijit Banubakode, Vandana C. Bagal, Vishwanath S. Mahalle, Maqsood A. Ansari, Chhaya S. Gosavi, Archana Chaugule

521 - 527

Article Retracted

Article Retracted

528 - 537



538 - 550

Convolutional Neural Network – Based Algorithm for Currency Exchange Rate Prediction

Manaswinee Madhumita Panda, Surya Narayan Panda, Prasant Kumar Pattnaik

551 - 559

Enhance Power Quality of Solar PV Energy Generation System with Integrated DG and Grid

Chandra Rakhee. B, J. Namratha Manohar, G. Mallesham

560 - 574

Design and Implementation of Hybrid Multiplier for DSP Applications

Amgoth Laxman, N Siva Sankara Reddy, B Rajendra Naik

623 - 628

Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System Using Vehicular Ad Hoc Network

Jayanthi Rao, D. Apparao, B. Ramakrishna, K. G. Durga Prasad, B.V. Ramana, M. Ramanaiah

629 - 635

Unleashing the Power of VGG16: Advancements in Facial Emotion Recognization

P V V S Srinivas, Patchigolla Sampath, Dhanala Venkata Srujan, M. Lakshmana Kumar, Gunda Sai Dinesh, Dhiren Dommeti

643 - 654

Emotional Storyteller for Vision Impaired and Hearing-Impaired Children

Abilash Kengatharan, Januyan Seralagan, Vithusha Thevathas, Anutharsan Sivachelvam, Thamali Dassanayake, Sanduni Perera

670 - 677

Automatic Sorting Machine Using PLC and HMI Technique

Ketki P. Kshirsagar, Dhanapal A. Kamble, Jayashree P. Tamkhade, Riddhi R. Mirajkar, Lokesh Shingvi, Chirag Oswal, Vaibhav Patwa, Mahendra P. Shingvi

678 - 683

Automated Pet Water Consumption Monitoring System

Sundar S, Anurag Mukherjee, Shubham Kumar, Mohd. Kabir Haider, C.M.Vidhyapathi, Karthikeyan B, Venugopal P, Satheesh Kumar S, Vasavi.C.S, Umashankar Subramaniam

692 - 698

A Novel Communication Pathway Metric Evaluation using Throughput and Energy Improvements over Wireless Sensor Networks

M Dilli Babu, R. Sudharsanan, Surinderpal singh, A. Vijayaraj, Premamayudu Bulla, S. Devikala

699 - 704

An Innovative Method for Lung Cancer Identification Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Kavita Singh, Usha Chauhan, Lokesh Varshney, A.R. Verma

729 - 741

Cloud Storage Level Service Offering in Virtualized Load Balancer using AWS

Mohanaprakash T A, S.Preena Jacinth Shalom, Ananthi.S.N, B. Dhanasakkaravarthi, Rajasekaran.A

765 - 771

An Enhanced Deep Learning Model for Brain Tumor Prediction

Yeligeti Raju, Vadali Pitchi Raju, Channapragada Rama Seshagiri Rao, Rajesh Saturi

772 - 776

A Reliable Network Routing Protocol Design with an Intelligent Mobile Sink and Energy Efficiency over Wireless Sensor Network

Sunita S S Patil, Kavita K Patil, Sajid Wajid Shaikh, A. Swaminathan, J. Raja, N. Gopinath

792 - 796

Brain Tumour Detection Using Resnet 50 and Mobilenet

G.V.S.N.R.V. Prasad, Chandrika Venkata Sai Sri Golla, Surekha Chinnapareddy, Archana Cheeli, Yumesh Gupta Garlapati

816 - 822

Improvising Safety and Energy Efficiency of IoT based Networks Data Routing

Rakshitha Kiran P, Samitha Khaiyum, Chandrika M, Pavithra B

831 - 837

Deep Learning-based Copy-Move and Spliced Image Forgery Detection

Divya Prathana Timothy, Ajit Kumar Santra

854 - 861

Predicting Arrhythmia Based on Machine Learning Using Improved Harris Hawk Algorithm

Nitesh Sureja, Nandini Chaudhari, Rocky Upaghyay, Shivam Upadhyay, Safeya Dharmajwala

862 - 870

Domain Classification for Marathi Blog Articles using Deep Learning

Kiran N. Girase, Geetanjali V. Kale, Kimaya R. Urane

911 - 918

Fusion based Image Enhancement Approach for Brain Tumor Detection

Deepa Abin, Govind Mudavadkar, Rakesh Minase, Mridul Handoo, Raj Kumawat

919 - 926

BIDRN: A Method of Bidirectional Recurrent Neural Network for Sentiment Analysis

D Muthusankar, P Kaladevi, V R Sadasivam, R Praveen

927 - 937

Mental Depression Deduction Using Modified Regression Model to Prevent Suicidal Attempt

S. Poongothai, S. Leoni Sharmila, S. B. Mohan, K R N Aswini, A. Karunakaran, B. Shaji

945 - 952

Importance of Machine Vision Framework with Nondestructive Approach for Fruit Classification and Grading: A Review

D. Baswaraj, Mukesh Kumar Tripathi, Vajid Khan, Neelam Sharma, Satish Addanki, Geetha. K

970 - 980

Ensemble-Based Machine Learning Approach for Real-Time Person Counting in an Instant Attendance System

Kumar Janardan Patra, Satyaprakash Swain, Suvendra Kumar Jayasingh, Kodanda Dhar Naik, Soumya Ranjan Prusty, Sonalee Panda

989 - 998

Enhanced breast Cancer Relapse Prediction Based on Ensemble Learning Approaches

Ghanashyam Sahoo, Ajit Kumar Nayak, Pradyumna Kumar Tripathy, Bibhu Dash, Abhilash Pati, Amrutanshu Panigrahi

999 - 1007

Advancing Chronic Respiratory Disease Care with Real-Time Vital Sign Prediction

A. Joshi, Jayanthi G, M Mohan, A. Anbarasa Pandian, V.Anush Kumar

1037 - 1055

Efficient Model based on Deep Learning for the Classification of Dementia

Hemant Choubey, Vivek Arya, Jugmendra Singh, Nilam Choudhary,Aakriti Sharma, Nagendra Singh

1056 - 1061

A Survey and Implementation of Machine Learning Algorithms for Customer Churn Prediction

Snehal Rathi, Atharva Puranik, Vaishnavi Pophale, Prajwal Kutwal, Vibhav Kulkarni, Shaantanu Pratham, Vikas Maral

1062 - 1069

IOT Empowered Helmets: Pioneering Safety in the Mining Sector

Puja Cholke, Mukund Kulkarni, Janhavi Gangurde, Komal Thakare, Rohan Waware, Shivam More, Aarati Ghuge

1102 - 1107

Analysis on Leaf Disease Identification using Classification Models

R. Salini, S. Derisha Mahil, J. Chenni Kumaran, G. Bhuvaneswari, C. Vijiayalakshmi, J. Savija

1115 - 1120

Image based Chili Crop Disease Prediction Using Deep Transfer Learning

Pallepati Vasavi, Arumugam Punitha, Thota Venkat Narayana Rao

1145 - 1149

A Machine Learning Classification Paradigm for Automated Human Fall Detection

Sarthak Turki, V Adithya, Rohit Bharti, Paras Bhat, Pranali G. Chavhan, Namrata N. Wasatkar

1169 - 1176

Integration of MFCC Extraction and LSTM Algorithm on PYNQ-Z2 for Enhanced Audio Analysis

Sheetal U. Bhandari, Deepti Khurge, Rajani PK, Varsha Bendre, Ashwini S. Shinde

1177 - 1185

Imputation Techniques in Machine Learning – A Survey

Angeline Christobel, R. Jaya Suji, J. Jeya A Celin

1217 - 1221

Round Robin based Arbitration Mechanism for Signaling Approach based Router Architecture

Jaya R. Suryavanshi, Neeta N. Thune, Dinesh V. Padole, Archana B. Kanwade

1254 - 1259

A Smart Management System For Garbage Classification Using Deep Learning

Nagaraj, O. Sri Nagesh, Kallepalli Rohit Kumar, V. Biksham

1285 - 1289

Thaat Classification Using Recurrent Neural Networks with Long Short-Term Memory and Support Vector Machine

Swati Shilaskar, Shripad Bhatlawande, Shivam Shinde, Soham Sattigeri

1377 - 1388

-Memory Computing Based Reliable and High Speed Schmitt trigger 10T SRAM cell design

Mucherla Usha Rani, N. Siva Sankar Reddy, B. Rajendra Naik

1389 - 1397

Exploiting And Estimating Malware Using Feature Impact Derived From API Call Sequence Learning

M.Sunitha Reddy, Rupa Devi T, Sirisha K L S, Soma Sekhar G, VDS Krishna, Pradeep Kumar V

1406 - 1409

Machine Learning Techniques for Prediction of Climate Change in Nagpur using various Optimized Models

Bharati Masram, Archana Tiwari, Nita Nimbarte, Rachana Sawadh, Sanjay Balamwar

1422 - 1428

Healthcare Record Sharing and Management using Blockchain

Dhanamma Jagli, Subhash Chandra, Nakirekanti Laxmi, Sudhakar Jangili

1444 - 1448

Detection of HIV by using Rough Set and Homotopy Analysis Method

Subrata Kumar Nayak, S K Pradhan, Sujogya Mishra, S. Pradhan, P. K. Pattnaik

1460 - 1470

Pupil Position by an Improved Technique of YOLO Network for Eye Tracking Application

S. Mary Rexcy Asha, G. Victo Sudha George, V. Gokula Krishnan

1488 - 1495

An Overview of Deep Learning Networks for Remote Sensing Applications

Gottapu Santosh Kumar, Gottapu Prashanti, Gurugubelli Jagadeesh

1509 - 1512

Dermatological Detection and Classification using Machine Learning Techniques

Sarangam Kodati, Nethravathi P S, M. Dhasaratham

1524 - 1529

IoT Resources and Their Practical Application, A Comprehensive Study

Kumar Saurabh, Manish Madhava Tripathi, Satyasundara Mahapatra

1530 - 1541

An Android-based Image Steganography Approach to Data Communication Security using LSB and Password-based Encryption

Esther Hannah M, J. Jerusalin Carol, R.Saravanan, A.Shamila Ebenezer, V.Pandarinathan, T.A. Mohanaprakash, A.Anbarasa Pandian

1563 - 1571

Communication and Content Trust Aware Routing For Clustered IoT Network

Mohammad Osman, Kaleem Fatima, P. Naveen Kumar

1614 - 1623

Steganography using AES and Edge Image

Jannah Raad Taher, Sundus Q. Habeeb, Safaa D. Al-Khafaji

1624 - 1629

An Innovative Deep Learning Method to Diagnose Mosquito-Borne Illnesses in Blood Image Analysis

Shaimaa Saadoon Mahmood ALrfae, Doctor Meghdad Aynehband

1655 - 1662

An Advanced High Dimensional Power System of Optimization Problems Algorithm

Hayder H. Safi, Eman. Abbas Ali Al-Khaffaf, Hussein Faris Saeed

1663 - 1669

Enhancing Network Security Through Blockchain Technology: Challenges And Opportunities

Salwa Shakir Mahmood, Mustafa Ali Hasan, Ayad Hasan Adhab

1670 - 1677

Network Intrusion Detection Using Autoencode Neural Network

Zakiya Manzoor Khan, Harjit Singh

1678 - 1688

Detection of Breast Cancer using Deep Learning Techniques

R. Sundar, Ch Srinivasulu, Jayaraj Ramasamy, M. Baby Anusha, Madamanchi Brahmaiah

1696 - 1703

Accident Detection and Alert System Using Big Data Analytics

T. Sathish Kumar, K Ramakrishna Reddy, Sreenivasulu Gogula, Abhisek Sethy, Veeraswamy Ammisetty

1704 - 1713

A Study Resource Optimization Techniques Based Job Scheduling in Cloud Computing

Sreenivasulu Gogula, Sridhar P Professor, S Arvind, Abhisek Sethy, S D Prabu Ragavendiran

1714 - 1722

Evaluation of Cloud-Based Cyber Security System

Ananda Ravuri, Raghu Kumar Lingamallu, S Arvind, P. Srinivasa Rao, Veeraswamy Ammisetty

1723 - 1730

Blockchain Technology in the Intrusion Detection Domain

Issac K Varghese, Ajith Sundaram, Moshe Rani, A Srikanth, Keshaboina Samatha

1731 - 1740

Heart Disease Detection by Machine Learning System

R. Sundar, K. Maithili, T. Raghavendra Gupta, P L Srinivasa Murthy, G. Nagarjuna Rao

1741 - 1747

A Study on Data Protection in Cloud Environment

S Arvind, Siva Shankar S, D. Hemanand, C. Ashok Kumar, G. Nagarjuna Rao

1748 - 1753

Machine Learning-Based Approaches for Credit Card Fraud Detection: A Comprehensive Reviewz

K. Maithili, T. Sathish Kumar, A. Rengarajan, P L Srinivasa Murthy, K. Nagamani

1754 - 1761

Exploration of Artificial Intelligence Assisted Health Risk Prediction

Anusha Ampavathi, P. Tamil Selvi, Raghu Kumar Lingamallu, Abhisek Sethy, K. Nagamani

1762 - 1770

Evaluation of Elderly Fall Detection Systems using Data Analysis

Ramakrishna Reddy, Dharmendra Kumar Roy, P. L. Srinivasa Murthy, Abhisek Sethy, Madhu Renamala

1771 - 1778

Investigation of Secure Health Monitoring System Using IOT

Bande Ganesh, A. Rengarajan, R. Subha, Devika SV, Ajmeera Kiran

1779 - 1787

Evaluation of Garbage Management Based on IoT

Naveen Raja S.M, T. Sathish Kumar, A. Rengarajan, Kondalaraopunati, G. Nagarjuna Rao

1788 - 1798

Analysis of Smart Parking System Using IOT Environment

Siva Shankar S, S.Srinivas, Sarangam Kodati, Kondalarao Punati, P. Purushotham

1799 - 1808

A Tutorial on Cross-layer Optimization Wireless Network System Using TOPSIS Method

S. Nithya, T. Sathish Kumar, Gayatri Parasa, Shivakumar Nethani, Madhu Renamala

1809 - 1817

Design Optimization of Solar Power Inverter

Sridhar P, K Sashidhar Reddy, K.Maithili, T.Sathish Kumar, Keshaboina Samatha

1818 - 1825

Radio Resource Management Satellite Communication Network MCDM Method

Devika SV, Siva Shankar S, Gayatri Parasa, P. Ramana, M.Srinivasa Rao

1826 - 1832

COVID-19 Regional Safety Assessment Using Evaluation Based on Distance from Average Solution (EDAS) Method

Ila Chandana Kumari P, Gayathri Parasa, Siva Shankar S, Sridhar P4, M. Srinivasa Rao

1833 - 1843

Network Based Intrusion Detection System Using Weighted Product Model (WPM)

Swapna Rani, Gayatri Parasa, D. Hemanand, Devika SV, S. Balambigai

1844 - 1853

Optimized Deep Learning Schemes for Secured Resource Allocation and Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing - A Survey

Thirumalai Selvan Chenni Chetty, Martin Margala, Siva Shankar Subramanian, Prasun Chakrabarti

1863 - 1866

Colon Cancer Detection by using Transfer Learning

V T Ram Pavan Kumar, M Arulselvi, K B S Sastry

1867 - 1874

An Optimized Deep Learning Framework For Pothole Detection

Sridhar Patthi, Neelamadhab Padhy

1875 - 1885

Big Data Network Optimization for Mobile Cellular Networks in 5G

M. Dhasaratham, Nethravathi P S, Sarangam Kodati

1924 - 1930

Enhanced Cauchy Matrix Reed-Solomon Codes and Role-Based Cryptographic Data Access for Data Recovery and Security in Cloud Environment

Vijay R. Sonawane, Chetan S. Arage, Jaya R. Suryawanshi, Santosh P. Jadhav, Yogesh H. Palve, Mahesh B. Gunjal

1931 - 1941

A Novel Periodontal Disease Grade Classification Methodology using Convolutional Neural Network

Saptadeepa Kalita, Ram Chandra Singh, Ali Imam Abidi, Hemant Sawhney

1948 - 1953

OHE2LM: A Hybrid Approach Towards Heart Attack Prediction using One-Hot Encoding based Extreme Learning Machine Model

Pawan Kumar Mall, Swapnita Srivastava, Mitul M. Patel, Aniruddh Kumar, Vipul Narayan, Sanjay Kumar, P. K. Singh, D. S. Singh

1961 - 1968

Exploring Quantum Machine Learning Algorithms for Enhanced Data Analysis

Lalit Mohan Trivedi, Chetana Vidyasagar Thorat, Deepak A. Vidhate, Surjeet, Jyoti Prasad Patra, Ganesh Kumar R

1995 - 2001

Industrial Internet of Things: An Analysis of Emergence, Component and Challenges

Reena Hooda, Ajay Kumar, Shivani, Sudhir, Pooja, Partibha Yadav

2010 - 2017

Smart Aquaponics with Integration of AI and IoT for Yield Enhancement through Real-Time Monitoring and Decision Support

Kiran Kumari Gayam, Anuj Jain, Rajesh Singh, Anita Gehlot, Shaik Vaseem Akram

2039 - 2049

Design of a Mobile Access Control Application to Optimize Security and Efficiency in the Entry and Exit of University Students in Peru

Asencios-Trujilo Lida Violeta, Asencios-Trujillo Lucia, La Rosa-Longobardi Carlos Jacinto, Gallegos-Espinoza Djamila, Piñas-Livia Cristina, Perez- Siguas Rosa, Matta-Solis Hernan

2050 - 2055

Lane Detection and Traffic Sign Detection using Deep Learning and Computer Vision for Autonomous Driving Research Using CARLA Simulator

Hithaishi Surendra, Samudyata A, Bhuvana Shivashankar, Samarth Surendra, Mohana, Minal Moharir

2062 - 2069

Comprehensive Review on Automated Fruit Disease Detection at Early Stage

Nutan Dolzake, Mrunal Bewoor, Sheetal Patil, Rohini Jadhav, Sonali Mali

2078 - 2088

PMP-SVM: A Hybrid Approach for effective Cancer Diagnosis using Feature Selection and Optimization

Pinakshi Panda, Sukant Kishoro Bisoy, Jyotsnarani Tripathy, Manmanth Nath Das

2089 - 2096

Analytical Report on Metaheuristic and Non-Metaheuristic Algorithms for Clustering in Wireless Networks

Nishant Tripathi, Ashish Gupta, Shashank Bhardwaj, Rajesh Kumar Maurya, Praveen Kumar Gupta

2108 - 2117

Modified Threshold-based Spectrum Sensing Approach for VANETs

Narendrakumar Chauhan, Purvang Dalal

2135 - 2145

PAPR and BER Analysis in FBMC/OQAM System with Pulse Shaping Filters and Various PAPR Minimization Methods

Allanki Sanyasi Rao, Madhu Kumar Vanteru, Azmera Chandu Naik, Karthik Kumar Vaigandla, Radha Krishna Karne

2146 - 2155

Design of SRAM Cell using Modified Lector and Dual Threshold Method Based on FINFET

Ramesh Gullapally, N. Siva Sankara Reddy, P. Chandra Sekhar

2156 - 2163

Image Recognition Using Text and Audio Translation for the Visually Challenged

Rishita Khurana, Preeti Manani, Nripendra Narayan Das, Manika, Madhulika, Ashish Grover, Richa Adlakha

2164 - 2181

ALBERT-Based Personalized Educational Recommender System: Enhancing Students’ Learning Outcomes in Online Learning

Ipseeta Nanda, Sowmya M.R., Lizina Khatua, Panduranga Ravi Teja, Pratibha Deshmukh

2190 - 2201

Quantum Computing Algorithms for Solving Complex Mathematical Problems

Lalit Mohan Trivedi, M Elumalai, N Srikanth Reddy, Archana Kumari Prasad, Bibin K Jose, Jyoti Prasad Patra

2202 - 2206

Edge AI for Real-Time Video Analytics in Surveillance Systems

K P N V Satyasree, Taviti Naidu Gongada, Niraj Upadhayaya, Naresh E, Jyoti Prasad Patra, Mandeep Kaur

2269 - 2275

Enhancing Cyber Security through Machine Learning-Based Anomaly Detection in IoT Networks

Shreyas J, Sudhakar K, I. Bhuvaneshwarri, Thamaraiselvan B, Lakshmi.M, Pooja Nayak S

2276 - 2281

Mathematics Infographics in STEM Learning for University Students

Angel Salvatierra Melgar, Yolvi Ocaña-Fernández, Pérez Saavedra Segundo Sigifredo, Israel Coronado Huanaco, Miguel Inga Arias, Miguel Angel Faustino Sánchez, Lázaro-Guillermo Juan Carlos, Ronald M. Hernández

2282 - 2292

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