Revolutionizing Construction: Harnessing IoT for Industry Remote Monitoring

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Poonam Katyare, Shubhalaxmi Joshi


The Construction Industry serves as a vital driver of national economic prosperity, yet it grapples with persistent challenges including low productivity and a lag in adopting cutting-edge technological advancements. Recognizing the imperative for modernization, there arises a pressing need to digitize operations within the construction sector. In today's technology-driven era, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a driving force for transformation, leveraging sensors and actuators to digitize various tasks. This study explores integrating IoT technology into the realm of construction, promising the deployment of intelligent systems capable of enhancing operational efficiency and construction equipment productivity across construction projects. By delving into the myriad sensors available, it elucidates how these technologies automate tasks within construction sites, streamlining project execution. Furthermore, this study offers a concise overview of sensor-based IoT technologies and elucidates their profound impact on construction operations. It underscores the significance and urgency of embracing technological trends such as the Internet, wireless sensors, remote monitoring systems, and actuators, emphasizing the role of data acquisition in expediting the timely finalization of construction endeavors.

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