A Review of Resume Analysis and Job Description Matching Using Machine Learning

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Swanand Modak, Prasanna Shinde, Aniket Tiwari, Sonali Nalamwar


In the contemporary job market, the effective matching of resumes to job descriptions is a critical facet of talent acquisition. This research paper provides a comprehensive review of the advancements, methodologies, and challenges associated with leveraging machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) techniques for resume analysis and job description matching. The study surveys the existing literature, synthesizes key findings, and presents a taxonomy of approaches employed in the field. The paper begins by elucidating the significance of efficient resume-job description matching in enhancing the recruitment process. It then delves into the foundational principles of machine learning as applied to human resource management, emphasizing the role of natural language processing, pattern recognition, and semantic analysis in extracting relevant information from resumes and job descriptions. The review encompasses an in-depth analysis of various machine learning algorithms and models utilized in resume parsing, including but not limited to neural networks, support vector machines (SVM), and ensemble methods. Moreover, the paper investigates the incorporation of deep learning architectures, such as convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks, for more nuanced feature extraction and representation. Key challenges and limitations associated with current methodologies are thoroughly examined, addressing issues such as the need for large, diverse datasets for robust training. The paper concludes with a discussion on future research directions and emerging trends in the realm of resume analysis and job description matching. This research contributes to the existing body of knowledge by offering a comprehensive synthesis of the current state of machine learning applications in resume analysis and job description matching, providing valuable insights for researchers, practitioners, and industry professionals seeking to optimize talent acquisition processes

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Aniket Tiwari, Sonali Nalamwar, S. M. P. S. (2024). A Review of Resume Analysis and Job Description Matching Using Machine Learning. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 12(2), 247–250. Retrieved from https://ijritcc.org/index.php/ijritcc/article/view/10561