An Influence of Data Visualization on the Decision-Making Process in the Business World

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Mohammed Shahadat Hosen


Data visualization has advanced from static representations to dynamic, interactive tools that have a big influence on how businesses communicate and make decisions. The impact of dynamic data visualization on corporate communication and decision-making is examined in this research. Customers are able to make better choices by gaining a more thorough knowledge of their financial data via interactive features, large databases, and access to a variety of information sources. Additionally, press releases with well-designed data visualizations expose brands to a wider audience and make a greater impact on readers. However, issues like data oversimplification, algorithmic human limits, and an excessive dependence on graphics present possible issues. Data visualization is still necessary and essential for turning unprocessed data into insights that can be put into action, despite these obstacles. Compelling communication and decision-making are worked with by various data visualization draws near, for example, line outlines, bar graphs, candle diagrams, region graphs, skyline graphs, cascade diagrams, timetable outlines, and multiline graphs. These graphs are customized to specific data and bits of knowledge. In the present data-driven professional workplace, data visualization gives associations an upper hand by further developing communication, decision quality, and hierarchical execution.

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