Generative AI-Driven for Sap Hana Analytics

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Amol Kulkarni


During the course of a year, a large organization that utilizes a complex information technology system such as SAP ERP typically receives hundreds of thousands of requests from its help desk. It is possible to make these requests either over the phone or online through the use of Service Manager (SM) or from the Service Desk. "Enterprise resource planning" (ERP) software automates procedures pertaining to technology, services, and human resources through a network of interconnected applications. It is a form of software used for business process management. An intelligent system that can provide user assistance for SAP ERP is suggested as a solution by this research study. Consumers are able to obtain automatic responses to their support requests, which not only results in a reduction in the amount of time spent on the investigation and resolution of issues, but also increases the level of responsiveness to end users. Classifying multiclass text for the purpose of efficient query interpretation is accomplished by the system through the utilization of machine learning methods. The evidence is retrieved by the system through the utilization of a customized framework, which enables the most effective response. The capabilities of conversational artificial intelligence make it possible for the framework to construct chatbots that enable different groups of people to work together simultaneously.

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