AI-Powered Strategic Marketing: A Three-Stage Framework for Enhanced Customer Engagement

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Kanika Singhal, J.N. Singh, Vishnu Sharma


The authors present a new three-step framework for marketing strategy implementation that uses machine learning (ML) techniques. This program leverages the many benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) in three ways: machine AI that automates routine business tasks, logical AI for data-driven decisions , and AI for microanalyzing human emotions and interactions ) , and showing how it can revolutionize execution in the marketing research sector, machine AI streamlines the data collection process, while cognitive AI performs comprehensive market research.  However, the story on AI goes deeper in understanding consumer behaviour and emotions. Moving on to the marketing planning (STP) phase, machine AI helps segment through automatic recognition, while intellectual AI recommends target segments based on robust data analysis AI perception helps by crafting resonance and positioning strategies with customer sentiment meets it. In the marketing action phase, machine AI facilitates the standardization of marketing programs, ensuring consistency across campaigns. Cognitive AI enables personalized marketing efforts by tailoring strategies to individual preferences and behaviors. The spirit of AI encourages national innovation by deeply understanding and responding to customer sentiment, thus creating lasting relationships. These frameworks are applied across a range of marketing sectors, organized around the traditional 4Ps/4Cs model, which outlines how to strategically integrate AI into marketing practices.

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