Enhancing Data Security in Cloud Computing: A Comparative Analysis of Encryption Techniques

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Wijdan Noaman Marzoog Al-Mukhtar


This research presents a novel and efficient public key cryptosystem known as the Enhanced Schmidt Samoa (ESS) cryptosystem, proposed to safeguard the data of a single owner in cloud computing environments. Data storage is a one-time process in the cloud, while data retrieval is a frequent operation. Experimental results demonstrate that the ESS cryptosystem offers robust data confidentiality in the cloud, surpassing the security provided by traditional cryptosystems. The research also introduces a secure cloud framework designed to accommodate both individuals and organizations accessing applications and data in the cloud. While individual users may generate and share data, organizations often involve multiple users in data sharing to support their business processes. In these scenarios, multi-user data ownership and access management become critical, requiring secure sharing of cryptographic keys among the authorized users. To address these issues and ensure data confidentiality in multi-user cloud environments, the Improved Secure Cloud Data Storage Framework (ISCDSF) is introduced. This research not only enhances data security but also provides a comprehensive framework for secure data sharing in the cloud, catering to the needs of both individual users and organizations.

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Al-Mukhtar, W. N. M. . (2023). Enhancing Data Security in Cloud Computing: A Comparative Analysis of Encryption Techniques. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(11), 195–207. https://doi.org/10.17762/ijritcc.v11i11.9306