Lift Control System Based on PLC

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Mrs. M. D. Balsaraf, Mrs. V. S. Takate, Mrs. A. S. Jondhale


In this paper we are scheming and construct three level elevator control system and increase its steady state & stability by using a (PLC) programmable logic controller (Allen Bradley Micrologix-1400 BXBA) the software used for communication is RSLogix-500/5000 PLC’S [1]. These are useful in industrial automation where numbers of equipments are replaced by contactor and switches. In this paper Elevator is nothing but the vertical carrying device which is used to transfer the goods and peoples. Limit switch is used for the floor suggestion. The limit switch is used for positioning of floor. DC motor is used for movement of elevator filing cabinet. Electromagnetic type relay is used in organize circuit to control elevator in upward and downward track. As the India is developing country and there are wide increase in high rise buildings and malls. Elevator is integral part of infrastructure by implementing such paper we can reduce the human efforts, accident due to breakage of rope, efficiency and speed of elevator is improved. Even the time can be consumed by using such system. This paper mainly concentrates on programmable logic controller to control the circuit and building the elevator model. In this paper Three level efficient elevator control system is designed which can be used for different elevator control system having different number of floors.

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, M. M. D. B. M. V. S. T. M. A. S. J. (2018). Lift Control System Based on PLC. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 6(6), 154–156.