Architecture and Framework for Group Profiling System in Smart Homes

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Kamna Solanki
Sandeep Dalal


Smart homes are becoming a progressive reality in our society. Automation and customization are at the center of the functionality of smart homes. User profiles record the user preferences of the inhabitants. User profiles are the heart of smart home systems. Real-world smart homes have multiple residents in them. Most smart homes treat the gathering of users in the same area just as a collection of users, but in real-world scenarios, such a group has its own identity. The proposed system tackles this problem by introducing the notion of Group Profiling. This paper presents the significance of profiles and group profiles in a smart home to achieve better customization and automation.

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Rahul, R., Solanki, K. ., Dalal, S. ., & Sudhir, S. (2023). Architecture and Framework for Group Profiling System in Smart Homes. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(5), 101–106.


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