Developing the Computational Building Blocks for General Intelligent in SOAR

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S. Srinivasan
Nitin Bansal
Piyush Prakash


Cognitive architecture's purpose is to generate artificial agents with capacities similar to the human mind. Soar Cognitive Architecture is to produce the fixed computational building blocks needed for generally intelligent agents— agents that can outright a variety of tasks and encode, use, and learn all types of knowledge to realize the broad cognitive abilities present in humans. This paper introduced an arithmetic agent that does multicolumn, two-digit addition in SOAR. Here, we show the entire calculating procedure, including all of its operators. We are using episodic memory assistance to enhance the set of cognitive abilities that let the agent learn and reason.

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Shalini, S., Srinivasan, S. ., Bansal, N. ., & Prakash, P. . (2023). Developing the Computational Building Blocks for General Intelligent in SOAR. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(1s), 57–63.


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