Autonomous Ration Shops Using Database Management System and Embedded System

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Vivek Sharma


This paper centres around structure and execution of Automation of Ration Shop. In ongoing situation, all general society and private parts go for computerization in their procedure. Common Supplies Corporation is the significant open segment which oversees and conveys the basic items to all the residents. A portion of the restrictions of traditional proportion shop framework are because of manual estimations in the ordinary framework, consequently the client can not ready to get the precise amount of material. And furthermore there is an opportunity for the unlawful utilization of the items in the regular framework. for example the materials are taken by making incorrectly sections in the register without the information on the apportion card holder. And furthermore the moderate preparing keeps a long line before the shop. To defeat these issues we go for the mechanization of the apportion shops. This article aims for the sequential recording of ration shop transactions to a database using a network of clients with a server. The paper involves a client side and server side.  The client PC is the one which is in the ration shop and the server side contains the database and a PC. The client PC is connected with a weighing machine. The client module consists of arduino microcontroller, which is with the weighing machine. The customer with a ration card can have his allotted items and which will be updated to the server as he receives it. The weight of the item is recorded by the microcontroller based weighing machine to the PC. The customer can access the details of his purchase and the amount of items left in the shop through an ASP.NET based webpage. The server stores all the allotted items to a ration shop for each and every customer and also the total items allotted for the ration shop. This project aims in the minimization of ration related corruption including the black-market reselling of goods and also the incorrect weights of items supplied and price related issues.

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Sharma, V. (2020). Autonomous Ration Shops Using Database Management System and Embedded System. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 8(5), 25–29.