Vertical Hydroponic Farming with Technology

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Amol Sakhalkar
Prof. N. A. Dawande


The rising world population is posing threats to global   food security. The problem is more serious in urban areas where there is scarcity of farming land and water. Further, global  warming  is  making  it  more and more difficult to plant crops in  an  uncontrolled  environment. In  traditional soil based farming method,  farmers  require good quality of soil with natural minerals. Soil based farming consumes more resources such as water, fertilizers and space. It also requires  higher working  cost for tilling  and  removal  of  weeds.

    Hydroponic  farming   is  a  soilless  urban   market gardening   technique  that  aims  at  providing  fresh   farm products,  at  low  costs mainly in urban areas. It has the potential of alleviating  food security challenges. However, this  practice  requires  constant  monitoring  of  the    farm environment.

    Falling prices of advanced microcontroller boards and sensors is making it possible to control and monitor a farm without or with less human intervention.

    And wireless sensing makes this even more convenient and less messier.

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