Software Defined Based Pure VPN Protocol for Preventing IP Spoofing Attacks in IOT

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Narendhiran R, Pavithra K, Rakshana P, Sangeetha P


The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of devices, vehicles, and home appliances that contain electronics, software, actuators, and connectivity which allows these things to connect, interact and exchange data. IoT involves extending Internet connectivity beyond standard devices, such as desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets, to any range of traditionally dumb or non-internet-enabled physical devices and everyday objects. Embedded with technology, these devices can communicate and interact over the Internet, and they can be remotely monitored and controlled. Traditionally, current internet packet delivery only depends on packet destination IP address and forward devices neglect the validation of packet’s IP source address. It makes attacks can leverage this flow to launch attacks with forge IP source address so as to meet their violent purpose and avoid to be tracked. In order to reduce this threat and enhance internet accountability, many solution proposed in the inter domain and intra domain aspects. Furthermore, most of them faced with some issues hard to cope, i.e., data security, data privacy. And most importantly code cover PureVPN protocol for both inter and intra domain areas. The novel network architecture of SDN possess whole network PureVPN protocol rule instead of traditional SDN switches, which brings good opportunity to solve IP spoofing problems. However, use authentication based on key exchange between the machines on your network; something like IP Security protocol will significantly cut down on the risk of spoofing. This paper proposes a SDN based PureVPN protocol architecture, which can cover both inter and intra domain areas with encrypted format effectively than SDN devices. The PureVPN protocol scheme is significant in improving the security and privacy in SDN for IoT.

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Narendhiran R, Pavithra K, Rakshana P, Sangeetha P. “Software Defined Based Pure VPN Protocol for Preventing IP Spoofing Attacks in IOT”. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, vol. 7, no. 3, Mar. 2019, pp. 14-20, doi:10.17762/ijritcc.v7i3.5251.