IOT-Based Wild Animal Intrusion Detection System

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Prof. Divya, Prof. Usha Kiran, Prof. Praveen M


In forest zone and agricultural field human animal conflict is a major problem where enormous amount of resources is lost and human life is in danger. Due to this People lose their crops, livestock, property, and sometimes their lives. So this zone is to be monitored continuously to prevent entry of wild animals. With regard to this problem, we have made an effort to develop the system which will monitor the field. That is at first it will detect intrusion around the field using sensor, then camera will capture the image of the intruder and classifying them using image processing and then Taking suitable action based on the type of the intruder. Finally sends notification to farm owner and forest officials using GSM.

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, P. D. P. U. K. P. P. M. (2018). IOT-Based Wild Animal Intrusion Detection System. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 6(7), 06–08.