Internet of Things Based Women Tracking and Security with Auto-Defender System

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Roshni S. Sune, Mohan H. Nerkar


In worldwide situation, the prime inquiry in each woman mind is about her safety and the badgering issues. Women everywhere throughout the world are confronting much deceptive physical provocation. The main idea frequenting each woman is the point at which they will have the capability to move frankly in the city even in odd hours without stressing over their security. Our task is a dare to determine this issue. This paper describes about a smart intelligent security system for women. This venture concentrates on a security for women so they will never feel vulnerable. The system comprises of different modules such as GPS receiver, shock circuit, buzzer, spray mechanism, Webcam, pulse rate sensor, Raspberry pi-3 module. Today there are many cases which are going on about women all over in the world. It was high time where women required a change. This task depends on women security where women feel ensured. This venture portrays about safety electronic system for women, worked out in the open transport vehicles such as, car, buses and auto-rickshaws as these days women are being at molested, kidnapped and badgering by the drivers. In each field there is an uncommon effect of women like games, dance, training, business, in legislative issues moreover. Women are driving in each field. The question arises that, Are the women in India are extremely secured? Always get the solution No. Henceforth executed Internet of Things based women tracking and security with auto-defender system which is interfaced with Raspberry pi 3 board that will track the location of the women also will auto defend in bad situation.

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, R. S. S. M. H. N. (2018). Internet of Things Based Women Tracking and Security with Auto-Defender System. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 6(6), 63 –.