IoT for Smart Building

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Dr. M. S. Chavan, Ms. Arati Anil Mogale


Smart buildings promise to improve efficiency by reducing operating costs and increase the safety, productivity and quality of life of those who work and live inside their walls. Although the capital costs associated with smart buildings are higher than those for conventional ones, the life-cycle costs of smart buildings are lower and payback happens quicker. Smart buildings have been shown to save energy, streamline building management and prevent expensive equipment failures. Although they are more expensive to build, over the long run, they actually cost less than conventional buildings over time as a result of how efficiently they run. The added benefits of increased safety and a higher quality of life for those inside make smart buildings a good style of living for the future.

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, D. M. S. C. M. A. A. M. (2018). IoT for Smart Building. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 6(1), 154 –.