Analysis of Power Consumption in Base Station in Massive MIMO Systems

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Nikhil Rathore, Santosh Pawar


The concept of massive MIMO enables high quality of service, Efficiency, and scalability. Therefore, a dense network has been established to enable services using the massive MIMO. But rapidly increasing deployment of cellular base stations increases the electricity energy consumption and increases the green house effect. Therefore, the balance between energy efficiency and high network performance is expected from the communication infrastructure. In this paper, the energy efficiency of the massive MIMO systems has been investigated in mainly two key scenarios i.e. single cell configuration and multi-cell configuration. In order to conduct experiments MATLAB based simulator has been used. Additionally, with the increasing number of User Equipments (UEs) the simulation has been done. Finally the configured network has been used to measure the optimal combination of antenna and UEs and the optimal energy consumption. Additionally the experiment also demonstrates how the different preprocessing technique will influence the massive MIMO energy efficiency. Finally the conclusion has been drawn and the future work has been proposed.

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Nikhil Rathore, et al. (2023). Analysis of Power Consumption in Base Station in Massive MIMO Systems. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(9s), 895–902.