Accelerating Choices: Key Factors Shaping Car Ijarah Adoption in Pakistan

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Ejaz Aslam, Farhad Ahmed Bhatti, Aziz ur Rehman, Anam Iqbal, Malik Shahzad Shabbir


Car Ijarah is a vital Islamic banking product which is contributing anomalously to the economic growth of Pakistan. The research study is conducted to explore the important factors influencing consumers to use car Ijarah among customers in Pakistan using the Theory of Planned Behavior. A research instrument is used to collect the data of 250 Islamic bank customers who intend to use car Ijarah facility and multiple regression analysis is applied. The results proved that subjective norms and self-identity expressiveness lead to intentions to use the Ijarah facility in Pakistan. On the other side brand attitudes, perceived behavioural control and social identity expressiveness don’t lead to intentions to use car Ijarah. The findings of the study provide policymakers, scholars, and regulators with important information on how to modify their tactics and approaches to increase car Ijarah's acceptance in Pakistan. Moreover, the study renders information in shaping Islamic finance service providers' marketing strategy for an effective demand in relation to car Ijarah.

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Ejaz Aslam, et al. (2023). Accelerating Choices: Key Factors Shaping Car Ijarah Adoption in Pakistan. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(11), 244–253.