An Efficient Secure Group Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks in IoT Environment

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Srinivas Kalime, K.Sagar


Internet of Things(IoT) consist of interconnected devices for transmitting and receiving the data over the network. Key management is important for data confidentiality while transmitting in an open network. Even though several key management techniques are feasible to use, still obtaining a key management technique is a challenge with respect to energy and computational cost. The main intention of this work is to discover and overcome the design issues of the existing system and implement a lightweight and secure solution for that issue. The existing system has a fatal security flaw that leads to the unavailability of a complete system which is considered a huge problem in Internet of things. To overcome this issue, an authenticated key management protocol is proposed which deals with the problem of single point of failure and maintains the security properties of the existing system. An authenticated scheme is provided using elliptic curve and hash functions. This scheme also provides client addition, deletion and key freshness. Security analysis and computation complexity has been also discussed. We experimented proposed algorithm and tested with Scyther verification tool. The design overcomes the issues of an existing system by utilizing our scheme in peer to peer network. This network resolves the issue of a single point of failure (SPOF) by distributing the resources and services to the multiple nodes in the network. It will dissolve the problem of SPOF and will increase the reliability and scalability of the IoT system.

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Srinivas Kalime, et al. (2023). An Efficient Secure Group Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks in IoT Environment. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(10), 845–853.
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Srinivas Kalime, K.Sagar

Srinivas Kalime*1, Dr.K.Sagar2

1Research Scholar,Computer Science and Engineering

University College of Engineering,Osmania University


2Professor,Computer Science and Engineering

Sreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology