An Effective Supply Chain Model using Blockchain in IoT with Trust Enabled Hybrid Concensus Algorithm

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Yassir Farooqui, Swapnil M. Parikh


With the rapid growth of multiagent systems, concerns about privacy and security have assumed a position of paramount importance. Blockchain technology has gained a lot of attention since it first appeared because of its benefits in terms of decentralization, accessibility, traceability, and the capacity to be trustless. The increasingly complicated supply chains in today's world face significant issues regarding traceability and integrity. Blockchain technology holds out the possibility of developing a new concept for supply chain traceability, lapping these worries. Thus, in this research, the trust enable hybrid consensus algorithm is proposed for establishing consistency in the network with the irrelevant traders. The authorization is identified by the proposed model for accessing the Blockchain network depending on the accessibility rules. Depending on the various information sources, the authenticity of data is calculated, which makes the interaction between both the agent as well as the resource. The efficiency of the proposed model is determined by three different measures for secure data transfer. The attained minimal transaction time is 0.856 ms, memory usage is 87.684 KB, and responsiveness is 3.599 ms, respectively.

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Yassir Farooqui, et al. (2023). An Effective Supply Chain Model using Blockchain in IoT with Trust Enabled Hybrid Concensus Algorithm. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(10), 229–240.
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Yassir Farooqui, Swapnil M. Parikh

Yassir Farooqui*1, Dr. Swapnil M. Parikh2

1Ph.D. Scholar & Assistant Professor

Computer Science & Engineering Department

Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology

Parul University


2Professor & Principal

Computer Science & Engineering Department

Parul Institute of Technology

Parul University

Vadodara,Gujarat, India


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