MANET Congestion Control Mechanism - Challenges and Survey

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S. Hemalatha
Nileshkumar Patel
Neelesh Kumar Jain
Ajay Kumar
Anant Nagesh Kaulage
Amit Kumar Mishra


The transport layer plays a crucial role in the Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) protocol stack by controlling traffic flow, managing congestion, and enabling end-to-end delivery. With the help of congestion control mechanisms, numerous protocols are formed to enhance MANET performance. This paper focuses on a thorough analysis of the challenges the MANET protocol stack is facing as a result of congestion control issues such high overload, long delays, and increased packet loss. Finally, note that in order to increase MANET performance, research needs to concentrate on specific congestion control mechanisms.

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Hemalatha, S., Patel, N. ., Jain, N. K. ., Kumar, A. ., Kaulage, A. N. ., & Mishra, A. K. . (2023). MANET Congestion Control Mechanism - Challenges and Survey. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(7), 210–214.


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