Smart Yoga Assistant: SVM-based Real-time Pose Detection and Correction System

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Deepak Mane
Gopal Upadhye
Vinit Gite
Girish Sarwade
Gourav Kamble
Aditya Pawar


SVM-based Real-time Pose Detection and Correction System refer to a computer system that uses machine learning techniques to detect and correct a person's yoga pose in real-time. This system can act as a virtual yoga assistant, helping people improve their yoga practice by providing immediate feedback on their form and helping to prevent injury. This paper presents a yoga tracker and correction system that uses computer vision and machine learning algorithms to track and correct yoga poses. The system comprises a camera and a computer vision module that captures images of the yoga practitioner and identifies the poses being performed. The machine learning module analyzes the images to provide feedback on the quality of the poses and recommends corrections to improve form and prevent injuries. This paper proposed a customized support vector machine (SVM) based real-time pose detection and correction system that suggests yoga practices based on specific health conditions or diseases. Paper aims to provide a reliable and accessible resource for individuals seeking to use yoga as a complementary approach to managing their health conditions. The system also includes a practitioner’s interface that enables practitioners to receive personalized recommendations for their yoga practice. The system is developed using Python and several open-source libraries, and was tested on a dataset of yoga poses. The hyper parameter gamma tuned to optimize the classification accuracy on our dataset produced 87% which is better than other approaches. The experiment results demonstrate the effectiveness of the system in tracking and correcting yoga poses, and its potential to enhance the quality of yoga practice.

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Mane, D. ., Upadhye, G. ., Gite, V. ., Sarwade, G. ., Kamble, G. ., & Pawar, A. . (2023). Smart Yoga Assistant: SVM-based Real-time Pose Detection and Correction System. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(7s), 251–262.


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