Critical Analysis on Detection and Mitigation of Security Vulnerabilities in Virtualization Data Centers

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J. Manikandan
Sri Lakshmi Uppalapati


There is an increasing demand for IT resources in growing business enterprises. Data center virtualization helps to meet this increasing demand by driving higher server utilization and utilizing un-used CPU cycles without causes much increase in new servers. Reduction in infrastructure complexities, Optimization of cost of IT system management, power and cooling are some of the additional benefits of virtualization. Virtualization also brings various security vulnerabilities. They are prone to attacks like hyperjacking, intrusion, data thefts, denial of service attacks on virtualized servers and web facing applications etc. This works identifies the security challenges in virtualization. A critical analysis on existing state of art works on detection and mitigation of various vulnerabilities is presented. The aim is to identify the open issues and propose prospective solutions in brief for these open issues.

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Manikandan, J. ., & Uppalapati, S. L. . (2023). Critical Analysis on Detection and Mitigation of Security Vulnerabilities in Virtualization Data Centers. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(3s), 238–246.


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