Cross Border E-Commerce Uses Blockchain Technology to Solve Payment Risks

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Jiaolong Fu
Nor Hasliza Md Saad


The exponential expansion of addressing payment risks through E-Commerce Apps is mostly attributable to technical developments in this area. Although the blockchain was first created to support Bitcoin, its potential applications outside that digital currency are currently being explored. The adoption of blockchain technology may reduce the time it takes to complete a transaction, provide a more secure platform, and eliminate payment risk. Before this change, businesses were forced to go outside their borders for a satisfactory answer to the problem of payment risks. Blockchain technology has allowed us to overcome this obstacle. DTA-KNN is used as a cross-border model in this study. To do this, KNN is used to analyse data from neighbouring nations, and DTA is used to choose the most appropriate international payment gateway. To evaluate the efficacy of the suggested model, it is put up against well-established algorithms like DTA and KNN. The findings demonstrate that the hybrid model is more accurate than the other two separately.

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Fu, J. ., & Saad, N. H. M. . (2023). Cross Border E-Commerce Uses Blockchain Technology to Solve Payment Risks. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(3s), 205–215.


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