Automatic System for Detecting Pathologies in the Respiratory System for the Care of Patients with Bronchial Asthma Visualized by Computerized Radiography

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Brian Meneses-Claudio
Rosa Perez-Siguas
Hernan Matta-Solis
Eduardo Matta-Solis
Hernan Matta-Perez
Alejando Cruzata-Martinez
Juan Saberbein-Muñoz
Maria Salinas-Cruz


COVID-19 is a disease that directly affects the respiratory tract, being harmful in asthmatic patients because this condition causes a lack of oxygen, even to the extent that it requires external equipment to combat drowning. Likewise, it highlights the importance of maintaining a treatment or therapy correctly to prevent your disease from worsening or being exposed to other diseases, putting your health at risk. The diseases that asthmatic patients can acquire can result from pathologies, which have been growing over the years due to lack of equipment or efficient examinations that generate complete information about respiratory conditions about asthmatic patients, therefore, by developing an advanced system, the chances of detecting pathologies prematurely increase considerably,  which is an essential tool today. According to the problem exposed, in this research an automatic system of detection of pathologies in the respiratory system was carried out for the care of the patient with bronchial asthma visualized by computerized radiography, so that any pathology can be detected by means of a premature diagnosis in the respiratory system and the doctor can perform a correct treatment on the asthmatic patient. Through the tests carried out by the system, its performance was accurate and efficient, being suitable to be implemented in various hospitals so that the doctor can treat the disease in time, since the system presented a 98.79% efficiency in the detection of pathologies.

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Meneses-Claudio, B. ., Perez-Siguas, R. ., Matta-Solis, H. ., Matta-Solis, E. ., Matta-Perez, H. ., Cruzata-Martinez, A. ., Saberbein-Muñoz, J. ., & Salinas-Cruz, M. . (2023). Automatic System for Detecting Pathologies in the Respiratory System for the Care of Patients with Bronchial Asthma Visualized by Computerized Radiography. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(2), 27–34.


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