Modified Context Aware Middleware Architecture for Precision Agriculture

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D J Anusha
R Anandan
P. Venkata Krishna


The opportunities for researchers are enhanced with the progression in the technology of communication and computing. The ease in life of many people like farmers, educators, administers, managers, etc., is increased with more inventions of the researchers using this new technology. The progressive technology for data management is providing more amount of information. However, is the user able to access the needed information when required? This question rises to the more questions like, how to identify whether the information is as per the requirement? Whether a user is authorized or not? The answer for all the questions is to make the support aware of the context. Therefore, the present technology needs to be modified to make the system aware about the context. The process of demonstrating the services based on the context using Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) with the help of illustration on mango crop is emphasized in this paper. There are many serious problems like unsuitable fertilizer use, wrong selection of crops in wrong seasons, water waste, poor publicizing in the case of farming. These problems are addressed using the ubiquitous context aware middleware architecture for precision agriculture in mango crop.

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Anusha, D. J. ., Anandan, R. ., & Krishna, P. V. . (2022). Modified Context Aware Middleware Architecture for Precision Agriculture. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 10(7), 112–120.


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