A Study on Zigbee Based Human Body Monitoring System

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Chetan Jitendra Mane
Pranali Uttam Gaikwad
Madhuri Rodge


This paper introduce us a real time body monitoring system. In now a day’s security and health care becomes an hard issue. To take off and to monitor a patient continuously is very hard and huge task for doctors. This system plays an important role in monitor patients physical and mental health conditions. ZigBee can measure physical parameters like temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, patient’s movement with the help of some devices either inserted in body or externally attached to human body. It helps to get correct or accurate readings from human body and passes it to ZigBee. Next step is to process the data. The data will be sent to hospital or doctor if in case of any emergency by ZigBee wireless module. The hospital and monitoring system receive all the information about patients and save this information into database from which they can judge the condition of patients by studying the monitoring records and patient’s health. This data can be deployed in graphical form or in numerical form in dataset. According to the information collected from monitoring system the patient doctors having advantage to understand the patient condition more gracefully and also start the treatment according to continues information gathers.

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Mane, C. J., Gaikwad, P. U., & Rodge, M. (2020). A Study on Zigbee Based Human Body Monitoring System. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 8(5), 16–19. https://doi.org/10.17762/ijritcc.v8i5.5396