Prediction of disease in the HealthCare using Machine Learning

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Yerraginnela Shravani, Ashesh K


Heart disease is one of the complex diseases and globally many people suffered from this disease. On time and efficient identification of heart disease plays a key role in healthcare, particularly in the field of cardiology. In this article, we proposed an efficient and accurate system to diagnosis heart disease and the system is based on machine learning techniques. Predicting diseases in healthcare using machine learning often encounters imbalanced datasets where the number of instances of one class (e.g., diseased patients) is significantly lower than the other (e.g., non-diseased patients). Addressing imbalanced data is crucial as models trained on such datasets tend to favor the majority class, leading to biased this project also doing imbalce data to balance data using Random Under and over Sampler. after conversion of data into balanced data.

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Yerraginnela Shravani, et al. (2023). Prediction of disease in the HealthCare using Machine Learning. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(11), 759–769. Retrieved from

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