2020 subscriptions

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Print 5000 $87.00 €81.00
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Guide to prices

  • Unless otherwise stated, all personal and member print subscriptions include online access to current content.
  • IJRITCC normally stocks print single issues from the current and previous year. Limited stock may be available to purchase for older issues. Older issues not listed as available for purchase here may be available from IJRITCC
  • Articles published prior to 2012 are not available via a current subscription. In order to view content before this time, access to IJRITCC is required.
  • An Institutional or Corporate subscription may be used by multiple individuals within an organization. A Personal subscription may only be used by the individual subscriber for personal use.
  • Please be aware that print subscriptions on this title run for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Full pre-payment in the correct currency is required for all orders:
  • INR and USD for orders delivered to India, USA, Canada, Mexico, Central, South and Latin America