Published: 2018-08-30

A Study of Focused Web Crawling Techniques

Gourav Shrivastava, Praveen Kaushik, R. K. Pateriya

01 - 04

Prediction of Crop Yield Using LS-SVM

Dr. Kamaljit Kaur, Rupinder Kaur

05 - 07

Efficient Techniques for Image Compression

Ragini Dubey, Prof. Nitesh Kumar

08 - 11

Network Approach based Hindi Numeral Recognition

Pooja Singh, Prof. Kapil Gupta

12 - 15

Channel Estimation Techniques over MIMO-OFDM System

Anuranjan Kumar, Prof. Gaurav Morghare

43 - 46

A Review of 2D &3D Image Steganography Techniques

Anjum Ara, Prof. Deepa Gianchandani

47 - 51

Regression Based Comparative Study for Continuous BP Measurement Using Pulse Transit Time

Harleen Kaur, Javed Khan Bhutto Bhawani Shankar Chaudhary

56 - 62