An Efficient Encryption System on 2D Sine Logistic Map based Diffusion

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Akshay Chamoli, Jawed Ahmed, Mohammad Afshar Alam, Bhavya Alankar


An optimal cryptographic model is proposed, enabling the feature of 2D sine logistic map-based diffusion algorithm. The 2D sine logistic map process is merged with the algorithm as it has the ability to provide random number generator as well as to overcome blank. The previous existing models based on image encryption use to work on raw images but without alteration for the process of confusion and diffusion. The main disadvantage as the nearby pixel values for an image always remains similar. This issue is resolved by a Pseudo random generator process which is based on key stream that alters pixel value. Furthermore 2D sine logistic map based diffusion process has shown an improvement in the key sensitivity and the complex relationships that use to get developed between cipher and test image.2D sine logistic map with diffusion method used to keep pixels intact with each other to such an extent as even a single bit modification in the intensity value of an original image pixel will lead to a huge change in most of the pixels of the cipher and thus makes the model very sensitive to make any changes in the pixel value or secret key for an image.  As seen and analyzed with a variety of test results that strategic model used for encryption can easily encrypt the plain image into a cipher of a random binary sequence.

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Akshay Chamoli, et al. (2023). An Efficient Encryption System on 2D Sine Logistic Map based Diffusion. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(11), 358–371.