Perioperative Care Innovations: Optimizing Recovery and Reducing Complications in General Surgery

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C.Z. Pardeshi, Anuroop Dinesh Bhakkad, Shivangi Rakesh Singh, A.Y. Kshirsagar, Sanjay Thorat


Significant progress has been made in perioperative care for general surgery with the goal of minimising postoperative complications and improving patient outcomes. This thorough analysis examines developments in the preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative domains of the perioperative continuum. This article explores the most recent innovations influencing the profession, with a focus on patient-centered tactics, technology improvements, and interdisciplinary approaches.

Within the context of preoperative optimisation, therapies aimed at correcting dietary deficiencies, individualised exercise programmes, and psychological preparedness are critical to improving surgical patient readiness. Improved surgical methods, such as robotics and minimally invasive surgery, revolutionise surgical accuracy while reducing trauma and facilitating a quicker recovery.

Innovations in postoperative care, such improved recovery procedures and remote monitoring devices, speed up recovery and lower complications. Pain treatment and infection control advances in pharmacology have a major positive impact on patient comfort and lower morbidity.

This study emphasises the value of customised treatment plans, collaborative decision-making, and specialised communication while embracing patient-centered methods. It highlights how important it is for patients to be involved in their treatment, how to promote their own autonomy, and how to improve compliance with postoperative instructions.

This study seeks to highlight the combined influence of these breakthroughs on changing general surgery perioperative care paradigms through an examination of these advances. The perioperative setting is driven by the combination of innovative tactics, cooperation across varied healthcare specialties, and technology breakthroughs with the ultimate goal of optimising recovery and minimising problems.

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C.Z. Pardeshi, et al. (2023). Perioperative Care Innovations: Optimizing Recovery and Reducing Complications in General Surgery. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(7), 412–418.