Precision Medicine: Tailoring Therapies for Individual Patient Needs

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Gouri Tamhankar, V. C. Patil, Ajinkya Bahulekar, Dhairyashil Patil, Bhupal Pujari


Precision medicine is a novel paradigm in healthcare that refers to a revolutionary method of customising medicinal therapies for specific individuals. The present study delves into the development, obstacles, and many uses of precision medicine, emphasising its crucial function in transforming healthcare for patients. Precision medicine has come a long way since the groundbreaking success of the Human Genome Project, thanks to advances in genome sequencing technology and computer power. Important elements of this strategy include focused medicines, personalised diagnostics, and genetic profiling, with the goal of maximising therapeutic effectiveness and minimising side effects. Implementing precision medicine presents a number of challenges, from the necessity for a strong infrastructure for data interpretation and clinical integration to ethical issues relating to patient data protection.

The influence of precision medicine is seen across several fields, most notably oncology, where tailored treatments that are emerging as a result of genetic sequencing of tumours are revolutionising cancer treatment. Furthermore, pharmacogenomics clarifies how genetic differences affect drug response, opening the door to customised treatment regimens. Interestingly, precision medicine plays a part in uncommon diseases as well, providing specialised care based on genetic discoveries.

The assessment emphasises the necessity of teamwork in overcoming obstacles and realising precision medicine's full potential. It is still critical to address healthcare inequities, make sure regulatory frameworks keep up with changing technology, and develop a workforce that is skilled in genetic interpretation. A new age of healthcare marked by precise and personalised therapies that maximise patient outcomes is anticipated as precision medicine develops further.

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Gouri Tamhankar, et al. (2023). Precision Medicine: Tailoring Therapies for Individual Patient Needs. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(7), 400–405.