Impact of Work from Home on Employee’s Satisfaction and Turnover Intentions in IT Sector of Delhi

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Skant Gupta, Devesh Bathla


Work from home has grown to become a mainstay of workplace practice, fueling the rise of the digital age of the workforce by introducing new work environments. Because of such digitization, skills scarcity, and quickly expanding technology, the retention of talent is a significant challenge in the information technology (IT) sector. Consequently, employee turnover incurs significant costs and has a detrimental impact on enterprises. Hence, the present study purposefully proposes to visualize the association between work from home, employees' satisfaction, and intentions to leave job. The given work is conducted for IT companies in Delhi listed at NASSCOM. In this survey, a total of 500 IT sector employees were approached to test their degree of agreement on various questions presented in the questionnaire, and out of the total of 500, 500 responses were received successfully. In this study, quantitative techniques were employed. The responses of the respondents to various factors in the questionnaire were collected on a five-level Linkert scale. Based on convenience sampling, it has been observed that only 88.8% of respondents can strike a balance between job and their own as well as family life, more than 77.6% of respondents satisfactorily can reach their personal and career goals, less than 38.8% of respondents often think about leaving this job, and only 12% of respondents would like to accept a different offer of employment at the same salary level if one is made.

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Skant Gupta, et al. (2023). Impact of Work from Home on Employee’s Satisfaction and Turnover Intentions in IT Sector of Delhi. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(11), 24–30.