KBD-Share: Key Aggregation, Blockchain, and Differential Privacy based Secured Data Sharing for Multi-User Cloud Computing

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Badugu Ranjith Kumar, M. Victor Jose


In today's era of widespread cloud computing and data sharing, the demand for secure and privacy-preserving techniques to facilitate multi-user data sharing is rapidly increasing. However, traditional approaches struggle to effectively address the twin objectives of ensuring privacy protection while preserving the utility of shared data. This predicament holds immense significance due to the pivotal role data sharing plays in diverse domains and applications. However, it also brings about significant privacy vulnerabilities. Consequently, innovative approaches are imperative to achieve a harmonious equilibrium between the utility of shared data and the protection of privacy in scenarios involving multiple users. This paper presents KBD-Share, an innovative framework that addresses the intricacies of ensuring data security and privacy in the context of sharing data among multiple users in cloud computing environments. By seamlessly integrating key aggregation, blockchain technology, and differential privacy techniques, KBD-Share offers an efficient and robust solution to protect sensitive data while facilitating seamless sharing and utilization. Extensive experimental evaluations convincingly establish the superiority of KBD-Share in aspects of data privacy preservation and utility, outperforming existing approaches. This approach achieves the highest R2 value of 0.9969 exhibiting best data utility, essential for multi-user data sharing in diverse cloud computing applications.

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Badugu Ranjith Kumar, et al. (2023). KBD-Share: Key Aggregation, Blockchain, and Differential Privacy based Secured Data Sharing for Multi-User Cloud Computing. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(10), 1290–1301. https://doi.org/10.17762/ijritcc.v11i10.8672
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Badugu Ranjith Kumar, M. Victor Jose

Badugu Ranjith Kumar1, Dr. M. Victor Jose2

1Research Scholar, Department of CSE, Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education, Kanyakumari, TamilNadu, India


2Professor/CSE, Vel Tech Multi Tech, Dr.Rangarajan Dr. Sakunthala  Engineering College( Autonomous),  Avadi, Chennai,

TamilNadu, India