Information Technology and Quality of Service during COVID-19 in a Health Center, ICA 2022

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Mirtha Yarasca-Meza
Yrene Uribe-Hernández
Carmen Tello-Aguilar
Bertha Silva-Narvaste
Jose Ortiz-Gutierrez


The use of health information technology allows  improving health care that could not be performed during the pandemic, in addition to controlling patients whose diagnoses are chronic can be treated remotely, so the research objective is to determine the Information Technology and quality of service during COVID-19 in a health center,  Ica 2022. It is a quantitative correlational study, with a total population of 206 workers who filled out a questionnaire with sociodemographic data and information and communication technology instruments; and the scale of quality of care of health services. In the results, 92.2% (n=190) of the participants always frequently use information and communication technologies; and 7.8% (n=16) sometimes use information and communication technologies. In conclusion, workshops should be held to promote the importance of the use of information and communication technologies, in order to improve care processes in the establishment.

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Yarasca-Meza, M. ., Uribe-Hernández, Y. ., Tello-Aguilar, C. ., Silva-Narvaste, B. ., & Ortiz-Gutierrez, J. . (2023). Information Technology and Quality of Service during COVID-19 in a Health Center, ICA 2022. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(7), 337–340.


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