Comparative Analysis of Fruit Disease Identification Methods: A Comprehensive Study

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Vigneswara Reddy K
A. Suhasini
V.V.S.S.S Balaram


The need for accurate and efficient technologies for recognising and controlling fruit diseases has increased due to the rising global demand for high-quality agricultural products. This study focuses on the advantages, disadvantages, and potential practical applications of a range of methods for identifying fecundities. Thanks to developments like improved imaging, machine learning, and data analysis tools, old methods of disease diagnosis have altered as technology has developed. The study compares older methods like visual observation, manual symptom correlation, spectroscopy, and chemical procedures with more contemporary methods like computer vision, autonomous learning algorithms, and sensor-based technologies. Precision, efficiency, cost, scalability, and ease of use are used to describe each method's effectiveness. The article reviews the research examples and practical applications of fruit endocrine disease detection in different cultivars and areas to provide a thorough comparison. This comparison focuses on the variations in disease prevalence and the ways that alternative treatments can be customised to certain situations.It is for this reason that this study offers useful information on how the methods for detecting fruit rot have evolved through time. It emphasises the significance of utilising technological advances to enhance the accuracy, effectiveness, and long-term sustainability of the management of agricultural diseases. Based on the unique requirements of their various agricultural systems, this analysis can assist researchers, practitioners, and policymakers in selecting the most effective methods for identifying fruit diseases.

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Reddy K, V. ., Suhasini, A. ., & Balaram, V. . (2023). Comparative Analysis of Fruit Disease Identification Methods: A Comprehensive Study. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(7), 315–325.


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