Adaptive Load Balancing Using RR and ALB: Resource Provisioning in Cloud

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Santosh T. Waghmode
Bankat M. Patil


Cloud Computing context, load balancing is an issue. With a rise in the number of cloud-based technology users and their need for a broad range of services utilizing resources successfully or effectively in a cloud environment is referred to as load balancing, has become a significant obstacle. Load balancing is crucial in storage systems to increase network capacity and speed up response times. The main goal is to present a new load-balancing mechanism that can balance incoming requests from users all over globally who are in different regions requesting data from remote data sources. This method will combine effective scheduling and cloud-based techniques. A dynamic load balancing method was developed to ensure that cloud environments have the ability to respond rapidly, in addition to running cloud resources efficiently and speeding up job processing times. Applications' incoming traffic is automatically split up across a number of targets, including Amazon EC2 instances, network addresses, and other entities by elastic load balancing. Elastic load balancing offers three distinct classifications of load balancer, and each one provides high availability, intelligent scalability, and robust security to guarantee the error-free functioning of your applications. Application load balancing and round robin are the two load balancing mechanisms in database cloud that are focus of this research study.

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Waghmode, S. T. ., & Patil, B. M. . (2023). Adaptive Load Balancing Using RR and ALB: Resource Provisioning in Cloud. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(7), 302–314.


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