DQLRFMG: Design of an Augmented Fusion of Deep Q Learning with Logistic Regression and Deep Forests for Multivariate Classification and Grading of Fruits

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Archana G. Said
Bharti Joshi


Accurate categorization and grading of fruits are essential in numerous fields, including agriculture, food processing, and distribution. This paper addresses the need for an advanced model capable of classifying and grading fruits more effectively than existing methods. Traditional approaches are limited by their lower precision, accuracy, recall, area under the curve (AUC), and delay. In order to overcome these obstacles, the proposed model combines the capabilities of Deep Q Learning (DQL) for classification and Logistic Regression (LR) with Deep Forests for fruit grading process. Three distinct datasets were used to evaluate the model: the Kaggle - Fruits 360 Dataset, the FRont Experimental System for High throughput plant phenotyping Datasets, and ImageNet samples. In multiple respects, comparative analysis demonstrates that the proposed model outperforms existing methods. Specifically, it achieves a remarkable 4.9% improvement in precision, 5.5% improvement in accuracy, 4.5% improvement in recall, 3.9% improvement in AUC, and an 8.5% reduction in delay levels. Utilizing the strengths of both DQL and LR with Deep Forests, the proposed model achieves its superior performance. DQL, a technique for reinforcement learning, provides the ability to learn and make decisions based on the feedback from the environment. By combining DQL and LR, the classification accuracy is improved, allowing for the precise identification of fruit varieties including Mango, Apple. Papaya, etc. In addition, Deep Forests, a novel framework for ensemble learning, is utilized for fruit grading. Deep Forests utilizes decision trees to effectively capture complex patterns in the data, allowing for dependable and robust fruit grading. Experimental findings indicate that the combination of DQL and LR with Deep Forests yields remarkable performance improvements in fruit classification and grading tasks. Improved precision, accuracy, recall, AUC, and delay indicate the model's superiority over existing methods. This research contributes to the field of fruit classification and grading by developing a sophisticated model that can support a variety of applications in the agriculture, food processing, and distribution industries.

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Said, A. G. ., & Joshi, B. . (2023). DQLRFMG: Design of an Augmented Fusion of Deep Q Learning with Logistic Regression and Deep Forests for Multivariate Classification and Grading of Fruits. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(7), 270–281. https://doi.org/10.17762/ijritcc.v11i7.7937


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