Sparrow Search Algorithm based BGRNN Model for Animal Healthcare Monitoring in Smart IoT

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V. Gokula Krishnan
D. Siva
S. Hemamalini
N. Sivakumar
V. Vijayaraja


Rural regions rely heavily on agriculture for their economic survival. Therefore, it is crucial for farmers to implement effective and technical solutions to raise production, lessen the impact of issues associated to animal husbandry, and improve agricultural yields. Because of technological developments in computers and data storage, huge volumes of information are now available. The difficulty of extracting useful information from this mountain of data has prompted the development of novel approaches and tools, such as data mining, that can help close the informational gap. To evaluate data mining methods and put them to use in the Animal database to create meaningful connections was the goal of the suggested system. The study's primary objective was to develop an IoT-based Integrated Animal Health Care System. Various sensors were used as the research tool to collect physical and environmental data on the animals and their habitats. Temperature, heart rate, and air quality readings were the types of information collected. This research contributes to the field of health monitoring by introducing an Optimised Bidirectional Gated Recurrent Neural Network approach. The BiGRNN is an improved form of the Gated Recurrent Unit (GRU) in which input is sent both forward and backward through a network and the resulting outputs are connected to the same output layer. Since the BiGRNN method employs a number of hyper-parameters, it is optimised by means of the Sparrow Search Algorithm (SSA). The originality of the study is demonstrated by the development of an SSA technique for hyperparameter optimisation of the BiGRNN, with a focus on health forecasting. Hyperparameters like momentum, learning rate, and weight decay may all be adjusted with the SSA method. In conclusion, the results demonstrate that the suggested tactic is more effective than the current methods.

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Krishnan, V. G. ., Siva, D. ., Hemamalini, S. ., Sivakumar, N. ., & Vijayaraja, V. . (2023). Sparrow Search Algorithm based BGRNN Model for Animal Healthcare Monitoring in Smart IoT. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(7), 57–67.


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