Reinforcement Learning and Advanced Reinforcement Learning to Improve Autonomous Vehicle Planning

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Avinash. J. Agrawal
Rashmi R. Welekar
Namita Parati
Pravin R. Satav
Uma Patel Thakur
Archana V. Potnurwar


Planning for autonomous vehicles is a challenging process that involves navigating through dynamic and unpredictable surroundings while making judgments in real-time. Traditional planning methods sometimes rely on predetermined rules or customized heuristics, which could not generalize well to various driving conditions. In this article, we provide a unique framework to enhance autonomous vehicle planning by fusing conventional RL methods with cutting-edge reinforcement learning techniques. To handle many elements of planning issues, our system integrates cutting-edge algorithms including deep reinforcement learning, hierarchical reinforcement learning, and meta-learning. Our framework helps autonomous vehicles make decisions that are more reliable and effective by utilizing the advantages of these cutting-edge strategies.With the use of the RLTT technique, an autonomous vehicle can learn about the intentions and preferences of human drivers by inferring the underlying reward function from expert behaviour that has been seen. The autonomous car can make safer and more human-like decisions by learning from expert demonstrations about the fundamental goals and limitations of driving. Large-scale simulations and practical experiments can be carried out to gauge the effectiveness of the suggested approach. On the basis of parameters like safety, effectiveness, and human likeness, the autonomous vehicle planning system's performance can be assessed. The outcomes of these assessments can help to inform future developments and offer insightful information about the strengths and weaknesses of the strategy.

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Agrawal, A. J. ., Welekar, R. R. ., Parati, N. ., Satav, P. R. ., Thakur, U. P. ., & Potnurwar, A. V. . (2023). Reinforcement Learning and Advanced Reinforcement Learning to Improve Autonomous Vehicle Planning. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(7s), 652–660.


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