Finite State Testing of Graphical User Interface using Genetic Algorithm

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Sumit Kumar
Mitul Yadav


Graphical user interfaces are the key components of any software. Nowadays, the popularity of the software depends upon how easily the user can interact with the system. However, as the system becomes complex, this interaction is also complicated with many states. The testing of graphical user interfaces is an important phase of modern software. The testing of GUI is possible only by interacting with the system, which may be a time-consuming process and is generally automated based on the test suite. The test suite generation proposed in this paper is based on the genetic algorithm in which various test cases are generated heuristically. For performance validation of the proposed approach, the same has been compared with a variant of PSO, and it found that GA is slightly better in comparison to the PSO.

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Kumar, S. ., Nitin, N., & Yadav, M. . (2023). Finite State Testing of Graphical User Interface using Genetic Algorithm. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(5), 282–287.


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