Blockchain-Empowered Security Enhancement IoT Framework in Building Management System

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Uma Tomar
Parul Gandhi


Centralized architectures, like the cloud model, have their advantages, but they also come with drawbacks, such as higher upfront costs, longer deployment times, and a higher probability of catastrophic failure. Building Management Systems (BMS) is an application that can adopt Internet of Things (IoT) designs and services. However, implementing IoT in a highly modular environment with various moving parts and interdependencies between stakeholders can create security issues. Therefore, this paper proposes a system design using Blockchain technology as a means to protect and control the system, which includes the integration of IoT and BMS technologies. This paper has also included broad discussion on current Blockchain based IoT solution and its IoT limitations in Building Management Systems.

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Tomar, U. ., & Gandhi, P. . (2023). Blockchain-Empowered Security Enhancement IoT Framework in Building Management System. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(5), 181–187.


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