Critical issues in Leveraging Blockchain in Healthcare Sector

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Jyoti More
Jyoti Deshmukh
Deeplaxmi V. Niture


Blockchain innovation has brought various benefits to the healthcare sector. Utilizing blockchains in clinical contexts will reduce handling time since when a patient signs up for a review, the complete collected data will be accessible at once because of accessibility on the distributed ledger. Also, specialists will not need to stress over the patients giving them a legit clinical history, because of their capacity to progressively see the correct, credible, and quality source-recorded information. It eliminates any likely clinical history mistakes. Similarly, the patients will not need to stress over having a second assessment from another specialist, because of the straightforwardness of the information. Having patient records on a blockchain organization will prompt individuals to know and associate with various others, across the globe, with similar ailments as they have, which is not only valuable for their well-being, but also make the patients feel acknowledged, upheld, and have reinforced determination to battle the ailment. Patients will have total independence regarding their information, and they will choose who to impart the information to. In this paper, we present all the challenges and critical issues associated with implementing blockchains in the healthcare sector.

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More, J. ., Deshmukh, J. ., & Niture, D. V. . (2023). Critical issues in Leveraging Blockchain in Healthcare Sector. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(5), 128–133.


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