A Comparative Analysis of Collaborative Filtering Similarity Measurements for Recommendation Systems

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Praveen Kumar
Mukesh Kumar Gupta
Channapragada Rama Seshagiri Rao
M Bhavsingh
M. Srilakshmi


Collaborative Filtering (CF) is a widely used technique in recommendation systems to suggest items to users based on their previous interactions with the system. CF involves finding correlations between the preferences of different users and using those correlations to provide recommendations. This technique can be divided into user-based and item-based CF, both of which utilize similarity metrics to generate recommendations. Content-based filtering is another commonly used recommendation technique that analyzes the attributes of items to suggest similar items. To enhance the accuracy of recommendation systems, hybrid algorithms that combine CF and content-based filtering techniques have been developed. These hybrid systems leverage the strengths of both approaches to provide more accurate and personalized recommendations. In conclusion, collaborative filtering is an essential technique in recommendation systems, and the use of various similarity metrics and hybrid techniques can enhance the quality of recommendations.

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Kumar, P. ., M. K. . Gupta, C. R. S. . Rao, M. . Bhavsingh, and M. Srilakshmi. “A Comparative Analysis of Collaborative Filtering Similarity Measurements for Recommendation Systems”. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, vol. 11, no. 3s, Mar. 2023, pp. 184-92, https://ijritcc.org/index.php/ijritcc/article/view/6180.


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