Enhanced Ai-Based Machine Learning Model for an Accurate Segmentation and Classification Methods

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G Manikandan
Bui Thanh Hung
Siva Shankar S
Prasun Chakrabarti


Phone Laser Scanner becomes the versatile sensor module that is premised on Lamp Identification and Spanning methodology and is used in a spectrum of uses. There are several prior editorials in the literary works that concentrate on the implementations or attributes of these processes; even so, evaluations of all those inventive computational techniques reported in the literature have not even been performed in the required thickness. At ToAT that finish, we examine and summarize the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence based machine learning data processing approaches such as extracting features, fragmentation, machine vision, and categorization. In this survey, we have reviewed total 48 papers based on an enhanced AI based machine learning model for accurate classification and segmentation methods. Here, we have reviewed the sections on segmentation and classification of images based on machine learning models.

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Manikandan, G. ., B. T. . Hung, S. S. . S, and P. . Chakrabarti. “Enhanced Ai-Based Machine Learning Model for an Accurate Segmentation and Classification Methods”. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, vol. 11, no. 3s, Mar. 2023, pp. 11-18, https://ijritcc.org/index.php/ijritcc/article/view/6150.


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