Management of an Automatic System to Generate Reports on the Attendance Control of Teachers in a Educational Center

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Rosa Perez-Siguas
Hernan Matta-Solis
Eduardo Matta-Solis
Hernan Matta-Perez
Alejando Cruzata-Martinez
Brian Meneses-Claudio


Many countries were affected by the appearance of SARS-COV-2 that was spreading rapidly, causing damage to humanity and causing a global crisis, this generated a generalized quarantine to avoid the physical approaches recommended by the health system, affecting all students in the world, since it was wanted to avoid forming foci of contagion in educational centers,  for this reason, some automated systems that are marketed in the markets were applied to combat the pandemic in educational centers, but they are inefficient when registering the work attendance of teachers, causing loss of time in the registration process and causing an agglomeration of people due to the failure in the registration process,  in addition to not allowing to manage the reports of the teacher's work attendance. In view of this problem, in this article the management of an automatic system was carried out to generate reports on the attendance control of the teaching staff in the educational center and control the working hours of each teacher to be visualized through a user interface, being able to control the labor discipline of each teacher since all the records will be stored in a database. Through the development of the system, it was observed that the system works effectively since an efficiency of 98.87% was obtained in its operation to control the time of entry and exit of each teacher, being an accepted value since the process is conducted safely.

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Perez-Siguas, R. ., Matta-Solis, H. ., Matta-Solis, E. ., Matta-Perez, H. ., Cruzata-Martinez, A. ., & Meneses-Claudio, B. . (2023). Management of an Automatic System to Generate Reports on the Attendance Control of Teachers in a Educational Center. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 11(2), 20–26.


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