The Impact and Transformation of Artificial Intelligence

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Vishal Kumar Goar


There is never a lack of fascinating new research in the field of artificial intelligence, and this study is by no means an exhaustive account of the advancements made in the last ten years. There are numerous fields in AI. A lot of the information covered in this study could be applied to the creation of powerful artificial intelligence. It is essential to create a computer that can understand the underlying meanings of the words since this permits more conversational and accurate translation. Exciting studies are being conducted on the use of audio and visual cues to identify human emotions. In particular, this paper provides a thorough overview of recent developments in the field of artificial intelligence and its applications. A beginner to the subject of artificial intelligence is the target audience for this paper. It also serves to remind the researchers of certain previously mentioned challenges. This review article defines artificial intelligence in general and explores its impact on both the present and the future. This review covers the fundamental concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Goar, V. K. . (2022). The Impact and Transformation of Artificial Intelligence. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 10(8), 67–75.