An Adaptive Firefly Optimization (AFO) with Multi-Kernel SVM (MKSVM) Classification for Big Data Dimensionality Reduction

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Jijo Varghese
Dr. P. Tamil Selvan


The data's dimensionality had already risen sharply in the last several decades. The "Dimensionality Curse" (DC) is a problem for conventional learning techniques when dealing with "Big Data (BD)" with a higher level of dimensionality. A learning model's performance degrades when there is a numerous range of features present. "Dimensionality Reduction (DR)" approaches are used to solve the DC issue, and the field of "Machine Learning (ML)" research is significant in this regard. It is a prominent procedure to use "Feature Selection (FS)" to reduce dimensions. Improved learning effectiveness such as greater classification precision, cheaper processing costs, and improved model comprehensibility are all typical outcomes of this approach that selects an optimal portion of the original features based on some relevant assessment criteria. An "Adaptive Firefly Optimization (AFO)" technique based on the "Map Reduce (MR)" platform is developed in this research. During the initial phase (mapping stage) the whole large "DataSet (DS)" is first subdivided into blocks of contexts. The AFO technique is then used to choose features from its large DS. In the final phase (reduction stage), every one of the fragmentary findings is combined into a single feature vector. Then the "Multi Kernel Support Vector Machine (MKSVM)" classifier is used as classification in this research to classify the data for appropriate class from the optimal features obtained from AFO for DR purposes. We found that the suggested algorithm AFO combined with MKSVM (AFO-MKSVM) scales very well to high-dimensional DSs which outperforms the existing approach "Linear Discriminant Analysis-Support Vector Machine (LDA-SVM)" in terms of performance. The evaluation metrics such as Information-Ratio for Dimension-Reduction, Accuracy, and Recall, indicate that the AFO-MKSVM method established a better outcome than the LDA-SVM method.

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Varghese, J., and D. P. T. Selvan. “An Adaptive Firefly Optimization (AFO) With Multi-Kernel SVM (MKSVM) Classification for Big Data Dimensionality Reduction”. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, vol. 10, no. 7, July 2022, pp. 100-11, doi:10.17762/ijritcc.v10i7.5595.