Business Decision Making by Big Data Analytics

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Vishal Kumar Goar
Nagendra Singh Yadav


Information is the key component towards success when it comes to controlling the decision-makers performance with the quality of a decision. In the modern era, an absolute amount of data is available to organizations for analysis usage. Data is the most important component of the business in the 21st century and a significant number of devices are already equipped with the internet. Based on this the solutions should be studied in order to control and capture the knowledge value pair out of the datasets. Following this, the decision-makers should have access to insightful and valuable data based on the dynamic high volume & velocity using big data analytics. Our research focuses on how to integrate big data analytics into the decision-making process. The B-DAD (big data analytics and decision) framework was created to map the big data tools, its architecture, and analytics for the several decision-making steps by the adoption of methodology based on design science. The ideal goal and offerings of the framework are adopting big data analytics in order to intensify & aid decision making for the organization using an integration of big data analytics into the corresponding decision-making process. Thus, the experiment was carried out in the retail domain to test the framework. As an end result, the results showcased the value-added if big data analytics is integrated with corresponding decision-making activity.

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Goar, . V. K. ., & Yadav, N. S. . (2022). Business Decision Making by Big Data Analytics. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, 10(5), 22–35.